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Stay in control of your customer experience. All your leads and customer needs on-the-go, in one app.

Here's how it works

Make every conversation count with Rufus. Answer your customers in an efficient and natural way, without wasting their time.

Workflow in a nutshell

Be where the action is. Get insights to personalize the flow and paths of conversations to match your unique brand voice on any channel or device.

The user initiates the conversation using a mobile device or a computer.

Rufus allows for convenient access for you and your customers across mobile platforms. Everyone can get the answers they need from the palm of their hand.

The bot goes through a series of questions in order to determine what the user is looking for.

Keeping it fast and simple. Rufus asks all the right questions to fetch the answer your customers are looking for without all the unnecessary fluff.

The user is provided with a approx. quote for the service / product interested in based on their selection.

Straight to the point. Rufus’ streamlined AI-powered responses provide quotes quickly, saving you time, so you can focus on your business.

You receive an instant notification with the ability to take over the chat or collect the lead for a later follow-up.

Rufus retrieves all the information you need to easily jump in or follow-up at your convenience, allowing you to seamlessly acquire new customers or tend to current ones.

Easy to set up and runs on your own personal site

No disruption or re-design needed. Rufus integrates into your existing site structure with ease. Our head-ache free set up means you’ll be up and generating leads in no-time.

Custom language sets that appeal to your audience

We know that every customer counts. That’s why Rufus allows for custom language sets that speak directly to your specific target audience.

Chat monitoring and takeover capabilities

Rufus’ intuitive design notifies you when you’re needed in real-time. Monitor your current chats and join the conversation when it’s convenient for you.

Made for small to mid-size businesses

Our custom chat solution is a perfect fit for all trades in the construction industry. Rufus will lend you a helping hand by collecting leads and answering questions to save you valuable time. Rufus works 24/7 and you only pay a monthly fee no matter how busy he gets!

Rufus gets the job done. It’s that simple!

Rufus provides your business with an effective solution to lead generation and customer management.

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