Are you a contractor?

On the job or while you sleep, Rufus will help you turn simple conversations into leads.

Our custom chat solution is a perfect fit for all trades in the construction industry. Rufus will lend you a helping hand by collecting leads and answering questions to save you valuable time. Rufus works 24/7 and you only pay a monthly fee no matter how busy he gets!

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Rufus integrates with the chat core and CRM of your choice

Custom Chat Solutions for any size business

At Atomic X, we believe customers want to be treated like family, that’s why we created Rufus. Whether you’re running your own small business, or part of a large enterprise – Rufus brings your unique brand and values to your customers, immediately.

Small Business

Want the benefits of live chat, but don’t have the capacity to keep up with requests? Let Rufus handle it.

Using curated language sets that reflect your core business principles, Rufus responds to client requests as fast as they arrive. We know nothing is perfect, and mistakes can happen – that’s why we allow Rufus to patch customers directly through to you (or your team’s) phone when you’re needed. All the benefits of live chat – none of the headache.

Rufus collects information automatically and makes it a breeze to follow up. Real leads from real people that you can reach out to on your schedule.

Key Features

  • Simple lead generation and proven conversation methodologies
  • Live monitoring of automated conversations
  • Real-time notifications with easy intervention using our app
  • Custom language sets that can sell while you sleep
  • Proprietary browser control *Patent pending
  • Quick and hassle-free set-up


Keeping your customers happy is always a concern and a priority. Rufus was built from the ground up with your sales and support teams in mind.

Using our advanced AI chatbot – customers don’t spend any time waiting for help. Rufus is here to run interference, and get your customers what they’re looking for. When those prickly cases do come up, your team can take over the chat with the click of a button. Rufus will stand by and automatically log all the valuable information that comes up during your customer conversation. Rufus was designed from the ground up to work with your team’s existing workflow.

Free up your human resources to do what they do best – being Human.

Key Features

  • Connects to modern and legacy internal systems
  • Cloud or on-site deployment
  • Readiness use-case assessment
  • Custom semantic clustering engine
  • Fast implementation time
  • Multi-user intervention capabilities with built in governance